Community Public Safety Partnership


Bronx, New York- A new grassroots crime prevention program in the city is making a remarkable difference already in New York City.

Mostly older drug-dealing gang members of the seventies and eighties are now using their costly mistakes and negative criminal justice experiences to steer the city’s youths away from wrong paths they regrettably took.

Through their newly launched statewide ‘Community Public Safety Partnership’, weekly public safety networking forums dubbed ‘Peacemakers Dinners’ are being hosted every Friday Evening throughout the Bronx to help mentor active gang  members and those endeavoring in other illegal activities in their neighborhoods.

Community Public Safety Partnership’s mission is to recruit and train up to 25 grassroots community base organizations from each borough to help the law enforcement communities in crime prevention and improvement of quality of life in all neighborhoods.

To learn more about CPSP or attend the Peacemakers Dinners, please email to or call:

  1. I AM MY COMMUNITY, INC. 347-712-5325
  2. TBS New Direction, Inc. 347-591-0931
  3. Peace December movement 718-822-5555
  4. C-BALL, INC. 718-908-3009
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