Floods in Victoria island, shutdown follows.


LAGOS – July every year in Lagos Nigeria, especially in areas of the Island comes with serious headache for commuters, displacement for residents and a temple of pity for those who learn about the challenges faced by residents putting up with flood. Since the inception of July which is known for its monsoon trait, incessant floods have taken a toll in exorbitant environments ranging from Lekki to Victoria Island to Ajah among others.

Reports had it that residents of those environments have left to another temporal side, for safety purpose like refugees scattering around to keep off from an unrest zone. Even with these relocation by some, the turn of events has taken about eleven lives or more this year. It is gathered from reports that a crocodile was even spotted in the environment, flirting.

However, the Lagos state police station has given way to the newsmen that Ahmadu Bello way in Victoria Island be temporarily closed. The statement which was signed by ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole Police Public relations officer (P.R.O.), Lagos state police command, on the state commissioner’s behalf.

Famous-Cole stated that “Due to heavy downpour, motorist plying route like Ahmadu Bello way in Victoria Island and other areas prone to flood which has caused traffic gridlock in the state are advised to take alternative route made available by the traffic officials.”

Residents and motorists have lamented the ordeal they have to go through, calling on the government to find a lasting solution to the July-water takeovers. A respondent, who pleaded to be anonymous, while commenting on the situation,  told MCR that he regret losing an internship interview, courtesy of the flood that caused traffic gridlock along the axis.

Dr. Ibukun Adelekan, who happened to be a senior lecturer of geography at the University of Ibadan described the developmental activities on Lagos islands as “magnets for floods”. Explaining that the seemingly natural disaster is more or less a repeat of the epic flood that took place on July 10, 2011 which led to the perish of houses, cars, properties and death of twenty five residents.

Reports further revealed that the Nigerian Television Authority network center has also been shut down as a result of the flood. The general public has there been advised to seek alternative routes.

“We urge residents to take alternative routes, noting that efforts were ongoing to drain the floor so that the road would be passable,” the report urged.

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