Congo militia violence: 80,000 scampers for safety


Following the refusal of the long serving president Joseph Kabila since 2001 to step down after the end of second term last December, it seems the twenty three years of armed conflict and inter tribal crisis is set to continue in Congo.

Earlier reports shows that the election set to vote in a new successor was postponed in December, due to delays in voters’ registration. According to Corneille Nangaa,  the Election Commission President, available resources will not possibly help the situation.

“The parameters at our disposal give us, more or less a reason to think that in December, it will probably not be possible to stick to the date,” Congo’s election commission president, Corneille Nangaa made this known at the end of Kambila’s constitutional mandate in 2016. The opponents however denounced Nangaa’s announcement as a total “declaration of war.” And obviously, the clash in this mineral-vast station keeps intensifying everyday.

Following the reports on the democratic republic of Congo army and a new rebel coalition, the town of Sake in the eastern part of the nation has been captured and steady advances are being made. Over 80,000 citizens have fled to the border of Angola and neighboring countries, joining throngs readily scattered in displacement events over African nations.

The highest number of displaced people in 2016 rising to 992, 000 citizens was recorded in Congo crisis. It is reported that more than three thousand citizens were dead since October in insurrection targeted against Central Congo’s Kasai region government. A recent clash has evolved between the national coalition of people for sovereignty of Congo (NPSC) and the Tizi territory of South Kivu province in which local self defense militias were brought into a fresh alliance and corroboration.

Seizure of towns has become a ringing toll by the rebel throughout June until the government troops led a retribution on them. Notwithstanding, twelve innocent citizens lost their lives. More than 1.5 million Congolese fled their homes, higher than this in Iraq and Syria. Currently, 3.8 million Congolese are internally displaced with 7.3 million desperately seeking humanitarian assistance. With the continues fuel of repeated conflicts, Congo is on the edge of a total breakup if more heightened.

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