Another fire in china, about 22 dead


It was earlier reported in May that fire rented out in a school bus in Shandong province, amounting to the loss of eleven lives and causing several injuries. Probings then revealed that the fire was started by the bus driver.

It will be recalled thay an explosion however subsequently followed in June outside a kindergarten school in Jiangsu province, of which eight lives were lost spontaneously and sixty five got wounded. The culprit, this time was found to be a resident with psychological issues.

Another fire cracks however gutted a two-storey dormitory in eastern China, Jiangsu province. Around 04.30a.m. yesterday, faint ribbon of smokes were seen from the workers’ dormitory which could house twenty nine people or so. The incident however claimed the lives of about twenty two people.

Reports from Chinese central television news had it that firefights were outside the building where the incident took place. The windows was blocked with anti theft grates and the door was locked from outside. Six people managed to escape the incident. Three out of this people were reportedly injured while one resident is currently missing.

An impression was created that the tragic scenario. It has been said that it could be the work of an arsonist. Surveillance video earlier captured a suspect near the site of the fire, lurking inside a water tank on top of a building. The suspect, Jiang was however arrested in Yushan Town, Jiangsu province. And no other details were provided.

There were traces of gasoline at the scene, according to the state administration of work safety. Opinions ranges that the fire could be as a result of business ruckus which generates into uneventful attacks of previous bombings and fire renting in China local areas. Investigation however is set to continue.







Correspondent: Ridwan A. Olayiwola

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