UNILEVER sets to embark on women empowerment with Kaduna state government


NIGERIA – In collaboration with Kaduna state government, Unilever Nigeria PLC has set up a campaign with the primary goal of giving enhancement and aiding people in life-improving decision making process. Present in the launching was Mrs. Aisha El’Rufai, wife to the governor of Kaduna state; Savoury Sleight who’s the senior vice president of Unilever Global among other eminence.

Shakti has been accepted as women empowerment program targeted at facing joblessness and indigent rate reduction by equipping females with entrepreneurial plans but without adequate or no funds at all. Knorr force for good is no less an initiative of interactive mission and the offspring of Unilever’s renowned seasoning brand, Knorr.

According to the firm, Shakti is designed to help the lives of community women via empowerment and promotion. “Shakti is part of the firm’s efforts aimed at women empowerment and promotion of healthier eating habits among women and teenagers of puberty stage,” the firm stated. This announcement took place at Government Girls Secondary School, Maimuna, Gwazo, Kaduna.

The governor’s wife described the program as being timely and needful, as the partnership will go a long way in tackling nutritional deficiencies and boost women livelihood in Kaduna State. According to a representative of Unilever, the company holds it as obligation to support and improve whatever society their company exists and trades in, noting that this initiative is only a fulfillment of this philosophy.

“For us at Unilever, we believe that businesses must be part of the solution to social challenges and this is why our business model focuses on tackling issues the world faces with our brands and operations,” Mr. Savoury commented in his closing remark.







Correspondent: Ridwan A. Olayiwola

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