Rotten pig’s head left at Islamic College of Brisbane, Queensland


Islamic schools in Queensland have witnessed countless number of hate crimes. Recently, Islamic College of Brisbane found a bag containing a pig head at the front of the school gate. Reports confirmed that the police are presently investigating the matter. It was also confirmed that the bag is emblazoned with a swastika.

The Islamic college of Brisbane is among those schools owned by the Sydney-based Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which has come under scrutiny in some news outlets over financial governance and government funding arrangements in recent years.

In addition, the shocked staff at the Islamic College of Brisbane discovered the bag and rotten meat at 6.30am on Wednesday, hours before more than 1,000 students, some as young as five, were due to pass through the school entrance. These staff wondered why such waste would be posed at the front of the school gate. This has brought panic to both the teachers and students.

In order to link the root of the matter to further findings, Police were given CCTV footage that allegedly showed the items were left by two men who arrived half an hour earlier in a Subaru WRX. The CCTV confirmed that the items were left there on purpose and not just a dump mistake.

Futher more, a police spokesman said investigations were under way after officers were called to the school at Karawatha where “a bag containing decaying meat was discovered by staff on the grounds of the school gate”.

In response to the items found, Ali Kadri, a spokesman for the Islamic council of Queensland, said it was the type of hate crime that sprang from the demonisation of iIslamic schools:

“Not talking about it just doesn’t help. It’s important to show that there is so much extremism out there that people will get up at six in the morning to do these kind of things.”

He further added that some people seek for the destruction of Islamic schools having no idea the good deed going on in the school:
“It’s the normalisation, the demonisation of the schools that leads to these kind of problems. It’s people who demonise Islamic schools without knowing what goes on there.”

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a former student of the school, posted a series of tweets expressing her disgust for the action. Many other students had posted on social media to express their dissatisfaction towards the act saying that they no longer feel secure in the school as a result.

The staff and students of Islamic College of Brisbane are hoping that the police will go deep in their investigations to fish the two men responsible. Most of them outrightly wish that the hate crimes in Queensland will stop by employing everyone to be religious tolerance for peace and unity to reign.

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