Fired Zimbabwe VP flees into exile, wages war against President Mugabe


After being sacked from his VP post by the President, Emmerson Mnangagwa fled out of the country to put himself together, get stronger and lead a coup to out sit Zimbabwe’s long time President Mugabe, Mnangagwa vowed.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the now former Vice President of Zimbabwe was fired by President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe, on Monday, with accusations of disloyalty, deceit and trying to plan against him.

Mnangagwa was later reported to have fled the country to the neighboring South Africa from where he gave facts about President Mugabe’s ruling, his life being in danger and then his plans of going back to the country to overthrow Mugabe’s reign and lead Zimbabwe from grief.

Mnangagwa’s initial plan was to fly to Mozambique but was unfortunately unable to get himself out of Zimbabwe to his desired destination, since he was reported to have been blocked from leaving the country.  The first attempt was on Tuesday morning, just a day after him being sacked.

On Wednesday, the former Vice President issued a statement basing from South Africa, assuring his supporters that he was out of Zimbabwe and safe. His departure from Zimbabwe still remains unclear, though he is still said to have fled on the same day (Tuesday) at night.

‘I would like my fellow citizens to know that I am out of the country, and safe,’ Mr Mnangagwa said.

‘My sudden departure was caused by incessant threats on my personal life and family by those who have attempted before through various forms of elimination including poisoning,’ he added.

With the statement, this was a self imposed exile.

In August, it is remembered that Mr. Mnangagwa was poisoned at one of Mugabe’s rallies and fled to South Africa for treatment – reports indicate.

In his statements including those that were released on Thursday, Mr. Mnangagwa attacks President Mugabe and his wife, Grace Mugabe. He informed them that it will be them to leave the ZANU-PF party and not him.

The angry former Vice President accused the long ruling 93 year old Mugabe of ruling Zimbabwe like his own private property and hence destroying it.

Being a former defense minister of Zimbabwe too, Mnangagwa promised to will still stand to protect his country against the likes of Mugabe – he said.

‘I stand prepared once again to pay the ultimate price in defense of Zimbabwe. I am not afraid of anyone or worried about my political future under the current ‘party capture’ that is being tolerated and condoned by the First family.’

He also accused the President of working with undisciplined minors who derive their power not from the people or the party, but from two individuals in from of the first family who have successfully led the country to hell.

‘Those who violate our party code of conduct just because they think they have out-grown ZANU-PF are free to go and form their own parties. I will go nowhere. I will fight tooth and nail against anyone that is trying to make a mockery of our ZANU-PF party,’ he waged.

The former VP explained that the accusations laid against him are both baseless and laughable and that Mr. Mugabe knows that too. He later promised the people of Zimbabwe to just bare a little longer with the Mugabe and family, as he is soon going back to bring back the long gone peace.

‘My emphasis is for the nation to unite, to create peace and development. Let not your hearts be troubled for peace, love, unity, prosperity and development as they are all around the corner. I will be communicating with you soon and shall return to Zimbabwe to lead you.’


















Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu

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