French President Emmanuel Macron pays Saudi surprise visit.


Riyadh: On Friday 10th November 2017, President of France Emmanuel Macron paid unscheduled visit to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman officially welcomed him, according to local Saudi media.

According to the video message of Lebanese Prime Minister who was alleged of ordering the attack Hezbollah – an action that is politically, regionally and economically strong and damaging to Lebanon and Iran.

It was earlier reported that Lebanese King Saad Hariri put allegations on Iran and said that he had feared for his life while Iran strongly condemned them.

Mr. Macron said, “All Lebanese officials shall live freely, which means having a very demanding stance on those who could threaten any leader.”

“I have had a contact with Mr. Hariri, without giving details,” France Foreign Minister said, “He is able to move freely.”

Lebanon tied a historical relationship with France due to former colonial power.

Earlier in June after Mr. Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia affected bilateral relationship with Iran and Saudi allies who fuelled instability in the region at wider level, additionally it distorted the peace too.

According to news, The French President was in United Arab Emirates on Thursday to open The Louvre Abu Dhabi, a spin-off of famous Paris art museum.

Official sources declared French President surprised arrival led to the discussion about crisis in Yemen (famine at wider extent) due to Riyadh (blockade air, land and sea routes) led a war against rebels.

Mr. Macron said, “We are keen supporter of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal.

“I have heard very harsh opinions on Iran from Saudi Arabia, which did not match my own views.

“It is important to speak with everyone.”

His statement was heavily criticized by both the Saudis and the Trump administration.

Furthermore, his intentions were to remove the stress and strain among Gulf States and make the region peaceful.










Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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