China introduces Architecture Arm Race


Hainan: After promoting the international market of China, the nation introduced them in the glitteriest architectural arm race in Southern part of the state, which considered by International Community as “Hawaii of the China” and paradise island in Hainan.

In previous years, according to the recent reports, the site which got the attraction of people across the country in its major cities Sanya and Haikou, even hotels and entertainment complexes all referred as artificial beauty.

Architecture Scott Myklebust said, “Design has become a really key and important feature of new projects entering the market, it’s such a competitive market, there are so many hotels that are being developed and built  finding something that differentiates you from all the others is key.”

“It is an island in the sea. Architecture on the island should look like it grew out of the sea. They should be curvy, just like coral or sea star. It feels like they are a group when they are pieced together,” Ma Yansong, the founder and principal partner at Mad architects, told journalists about the design of that island.

Those enormous buildings which are the luxurious resorts ironically designed as business card when illuminated at night on Phoenix Island in Sanya caught every visitor’s eye.














Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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