Pakistan ranked 20th most powerful nation in the world – UN reports


A survey report presented by United Nations on December 5th, 2017stated that Pakistan has been ranked one of the world’s most powerful states having nuclear weapons and strong military.

In the annual latest edition of survey reports, it is considered among “The Best countries”.

Different parameters had been used to measure the 80 countries across the world including their natural history, cultural diversity and traditional heritages which also led towards quality of life, citizenship and passport evaluation.

Economic and political stability played a vital role in survey report which would be influential for the strength of military and international relationships with alliances.

According to Think Tank, “Political instability, corruption, low human resource, and struggle with extremism have hindered Pakistan a standing in powerful ranking. In turn, the nation’s growth has been stunned as its export-driven economy falls short in attracting foreign investment.”

However, US sustained its top position followed by Russia, China, UK, Germany and France. While Israel was at number 8 followed by Saudi Arabia number 9.

Pakistan would also raise his position in International slot by concerning over Indian use of Afghan soil with US Defense Secretary, for regional stability, Pakistan played a key role in that regard.










Correspondent: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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