In the name Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


As-salaam alaikum,


Dear H.E. President/Ambassador:


In sha Allah, it is with great humility and honor that I, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, am hereby commend your leadership in advancing social, economic, cultural and educational matters throughout the Muslim world.

Your Excellency, allow me to bring to your attention our proposal to initiate Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. Democracy. Unity. Peace (STEMDUP) Curriculum in our school systems throughout the Muslim World.

As a co-founder of the Islamic Leadership School, K-12, in New York City and using the privilege vested in me by our Creator (as an ordinary citizen of the world, a member of our human family, and a strenuously striving servant of Allah [SW]), I hereby crave your indulgence in pointing me into the right direction on how I can engage your government into implementing STEMDUP Curriculum and STEMDUP Standards to elevate and improve our next generations of Muslim leadership in the above mentioned subjects.

While I acknowledge the existence of the STEM program in both the US and Canada, it lacks the unity, peace and governance rubric and that is why my colleagues and I have hosted a historic press conference in order to create the nexus between STEM, Democracy and Peace, on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 in the hours of 1 O’clock and 2 O’clock Eastern Standard Time on the steps of City Hall, New York City, to set the tone for the need for the uniquely tailored STEM program that speaks to the values of the Muslim World.

My colleagues and I are seeking to please Allah (SW) alone on this initiative and for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah.  We have already reached out to OIC, as a matter of urgency, to have its members adopt ‘STEMDUP ERA’ as their primary focal point for this century of 2018-2118.  We acknowledge and realize the indispensability of your nation’s leadership to this mammoth initiative and we remain confident that you are going to engage into this conversation and strengthen the tone.

It is envisioned that this declaration and its related campaign shall phase out the regressive focus on the century old ‘Balfour Declaration’ in the expense of STEMDUP in the Muslim world, without eliminating our obligation to peacefully resolve the critical issues concerning the Holy Land and other issues affecting sustained developments in Muslim Nations. STEMDUP is the panacea for religious extremism in the Muslim World and an antidote for radicalization in the West.

It is our believe that Al-arḍul-Muqaddasah (the Holy Land) conflict has never been the Muslim’s main problem, but rather a unifying excuse to cover the failure of implementing STEMDUP by our educational systems which failed us in leading in scientific and technical innovations.

STEMDUP ERA, which garnered an overwhelming endorsements and support from religious, political, academic, business, and community leaders, and people of goodwill, shall insha Allah bring innovativeness and socioeconomic progress that is informed by the intentional rubric of peace and other values that affirm the Islamic faith among OIC members – a dawn of new era of transformation from stagnant to progress.

Thanking you in advance for the attention to the matter.



Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Let us turn the table for good on violent extremists in 2018:


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.” 3:104. Hizbus Salam (The Party of Peace).


New York City, New York – The Muslims, Conservatives, Liberals and our governments are all wrong in the way they deal with the omnipresence of global violence extremism. 

The scourge of suicide missions from Muslims will be eradicated once and for all by Muslims, intellectually and peacefully. We will disprove its justification, eliminate its reasoning, and reinforce the superiority of knowledge to self-destructive violence as remedy.

We will change the conditioned victimhood mentality in the Muslim World, formalize religious school curricula with Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. Democracy. Unity. Peace. (STEMDUP), invest in innovation, and elevate gender equitability in the Muslim World.

We will make STEMDUP top priority for all Muslim Nations. We will bring innovative Islam back and eradicate self-destructive inspirational one. We will reconcile the intersection of intellect and inspiration in the Muslim World. In sha Allah, we will! 

It’s time for real Muslim leadership (Hizbus Salam) to be in the driver’s seat in the fight against religious extremism and the countering of this irreligious demon.

As concerns of terroristic acts in our city are dormant in our minds for the last seventeen years, some Muslim New Yorkers have decided to take a more proactive role in helping to eliminate this continued threat once and for all, despite lack of unanimity to its best practice.  How many times can we be lucky? How long before these criminals succeed again in the worst possible way?

Furthermore, the ongoing operations to contain this relatively new association of Islam with transnational violent religious extremism are unsustainable militarily and financially. A permanent solution to Muslim Extremism can only come from the Muslim scholars working with their governments systematically.

The fact is the eradication of religious extremism is a duty of religious scholars and their leadership not military and law enforcement. Our best intelligence communities in democratic nations such as U.S. can’t stop radicalized persons who blame the Muslim world’s regressive conditions on the West, hate their lives and celebrate death through suicide missions.

Finally, Muslim leaders’ usual post terrorism condemnations are nonsense. The neoconservatives’ indiscriminate attachment of terrorism to Islam is a total fabrication. The liberals’ blanket defense of Muslims is naïve at best, while our governments’ violent doctrine to countering extremism are counterintuitive and decentralization of more violent extremism.  It’s time to modify our modus operandi.


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