Muslim New Yorker organizes group exercise to improve lifestyle, lifespans


The New York residents, especially women, have been invited to the first Lifestyle Lifespan Outdoor Group Exercise organised by Sheik Musa Drammeh.

The exercises, which are organized majorly for women, is scheduled to hold in New York city.

According to the organizer, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, who is also the Publisher of Muslim Media Corporation, the exercises are aimed at improving the wellness and health of the women.

The organizer noted that demanding professions, pregnancies, childbirths and daunting early childhood tasks tremendously consume women’s health and wellness.“The least we can do to acknowledge and honor their selfless sacrifices is to adopt healthy lifestyles,” he said.

“Unhealthy lifestyles contribute to our families’ financial burden since medical bills are the number one reason for personal bankruptcies in the United States,” he noted.

He added that most times, political leaders and lobbyists endlessly debate about healthcare programs and prescription drugs.

He thereby enjoined New York residents to take some proactive measures and stop debating about taking personal responsibility in preserving their individual health.

“Practicing prevention is better, cheaper and more effective than medication. Healthy diets and active lifestyle can counter against the increasingly preventable ailments that are killing us and destroying the quality of our lives,” he added.

He stated that everyone could participate in the Lifestyle Lifespan Exercises, regardless of age or gender.

“We will also incorporate interfaith prayer circle against Coronavirus,” he concluded.

For further information about this invitation, please contact us at 718-822-5555

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