COVID-19: Nigerian medical technicians offer hospital free services


Two Nigerians have joined other people around the world to engage in various acts of philanthropism to fight Covid-19.

The philanthropism is being geared towards the less privileged around the world to cope well with the Covid-19-pandemic situation.

Nigeria as an African nation is not left out in the struggle against coronavirus as many Nigerians are providing financial, spiritual and psychological assistance to the people using their millions, talents and other resources within their reach.

In the city of Jos in Nigeria, two Nigerian patriots, Gyang William and Nura Jibrin have joined the race in an outstanding way. The two Nigerians have displayed a great sense of patriotism as the duo have taken it up themselves to repair ventilators at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) without having to be paid for the repair service.

“This is their contribution to the on-going fight against coronavirus. The duo have, within the shortest period that the repair work has begun, already repaired two ventilators already abandoned as scraps,” According Dr Daniel Meshak, a medical doctor at the hospital, said.

“They have so far fixed two ventilators that were considered scrap bringing the total number of ventilators in JUTH to 6,” the doctor added.

Considering the fact that ventilators are quite crucial when it comes to fighting the deadly Covid-19 virus, the voluntary service of the two Nigerians will contribute significantly as it could help save many lives in the hospital in particular and in the state in general. It’s undeniable that this act of kindness could help a coronavirus-infected person cope well in the situation and hopefully survive the virus.

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