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To whom it may concern:

Dear Supporters,
My name is Muhammad Drammeh. I’m 21 years old college student at Lehman College in the Bronx. I am a member and the spokesperson for Lifestyle Lifespan, a new Bronx-based healthy lifestyle movement launched just last year.
Due to the Coronavirus racial disparities in deaths being painfully suffered, I have decided to lead a campaign to raise at least one million dollars for this movement so we can establish a Lifestyle Lifespan Center in Parkchester where we have a diverse population of families who observe strict public modesty lifestyle that inhibits them to use fitness centers in the area.

“Islam works with a centre that addresses health disparities in Asian American communities, with a primary focus on the health of the Bangladeshi community.
“From that perspective, it’s not surprising to me that there may be a large number of deaths in the Bangladeshi community,” she told Al Jazeera. “Because research we’ve done at the city level [shows] between 25-30 percent of the Bangladeshi community has type-2 diabetes. So it may make sense from a scientific perspective.”
Some organisers attribute lifestyle and living status to the high rate of diabetes.
Sanjana Khan, co-founder and executive director of Laal, a non-profit that works with Bangladeshi women in the Bronx, says they focus on wellness for the community.
She said that “a lot of our women come from a lot of shame around their body, for a lot of high rates of diabetes and hypertension. There isn’t a lot of physical activity because there’s not a lot of safe spaces to be physically active.”

This center will help to successfully promote Lifestyle Lifespan as a new developing culture within the Bronx, particularly within the demographics most affected by the Coronavirus deaths as well as other health disparities.
Since we know healthy lifestyle is the most effective remedy for health disparity, we are engaging our elected officials, foundations and generous individuals for support of our campaign. Lifestyle Lifespan is certainly bound to save precious lives and rising medical expenses. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent of applicable laws.

Healthy lifestyle is a personal responsibility. Health is a very trendy topic and as of recently only has been exacerbated due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus. Now more than ever is health important globally because there aren’t any vaccines and/or a cure so far for this deadly virus. It’s up to our bodies’ immunity to beat this virus whence afflicted. This however seems to be a problem affecting many lower income households and communities for a number of reasons. I read a post on Facebook that read: “The virus itself may be colorblind, but it has taken root in a society that most assuredly is not, and therein lies the problem.” This assertation by Tim Wise speaks to the fact that despite us all being human beings and susceptible to the plague of such virus, a lot of us are at a greater risk and therefore make up most of the casualties.
However, the purpose of this letter is not to broadly address statistics on the racial socioeconomic impact of this virus but rather to point out that there is no doubt that places with low income level are being hit the hardest. To narrow down this distinction, the Bronx, for example, is a place infamous for all things bad and for a multitude of reasons that it may be, health is on that list as well. According to an article from NBC on county health rankings about three years ago, “out of the sixty two New York state communities ranked, the Bronx came in last on the list that measures the health of different areas based on data from a range of different factors. But we didn’t need statistic to tell us that the Bronx is doing badly when it comes to health

Taking control of our health is imminent to not only changing our narrative but really saving our own lives and the quality of our living conditions. It should be our personal responsibility especially at a time like this to make radical changes to our lifestyle beginning with our health. I speak from personal experience because my life changed when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and although type 1 Diabetes isn’t linked to having a poor diet, it’s a chronic illness that nonetheless affects us relatively in the same way type 2 diabetes does, its prevalent counterpart, does. So I know what it’s like to deal with the ramifications of a chronic illness to know that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of reaction. Even though type 1 diabetes (Commonly known as juvenile diabetes) can’t be prevented, a healthy lifestyle is required to manage it well.

There are many diseases and afflictions out there that can be prevented and or delayed when our lifestyle changes. As a young Bronxite following the leadership of my dad (the initiator of this movement) who has been vigorously advocating for us to take personal responsibility in our lives, I am strongly committed to spreading this movement throughout the state to help end health disparity, stating with my fellow college students. Lifestyle-Lifespan movement encourages being responsible and accountable for the choices and decisions one makes. This long overdue initiative didn’t start because of coronavirus but its significance is amplified by the racial disparity in coronavirus deaths. Experts tell us health disparities are the result of lifestyle and environmental fact not genetics.

This is a call to action for everyone, especially the residents of Bronx to join the Lifestyle Lifespan revolution.
Obviously the world has forever changed again by this novice coronavirus that has claimed so many precious lives and temporarily shut-down global economies. Practicing healthy lifestyle has become extremely vital post-coronavirus pandemic.

Lastly, Lifestyle Lifespan has simplified healthy lifestyle so well that it had designed a physical activity program for all ages that can be implemented anywhere including in our homes for free. Please help bring this life-saving initiative into every home, school and community center in the state.

For all questions about Lifestyle Lifespan movement, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you!


Muhammad Drammeh,
Lifestyle Lifespan movement

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