Egypt grounds kites as national security precaution


A member of the Egyptian parliament, have declared that kites pose a threat to national security and demanded that its use be banned.

Khaled Abu Tlaib claims that the kites may be used to photograph military and police institution, as cameras may be attached to them.

This cause the Egyptian authorities to place an embargo on the use of kites publicly, despite the several online ridicules that met the demand.

Alexandria Governorate Facebook page posted on Monday July 13, 2020, that kites had been banned on the Corniche to “preserve the safety of citizens after a number of incidents occurred.”

The post emphasized that the fine for going against the national ban would be between 300-1,000 Egyptians pounds ($18.79-$62.62).

Egyptian children are popular with flying kites from rooftops since the commencement of the curfew.

On Friday police seized 369 kites.

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