Egypt extends medical aid diplomacy to Lebanon


Egypt has announced that it intends to extend medical aid diplomacy to Lebanon after a meeting between the two presidents

This decision was made as an effort to tend to the aftermath of the explosion which happened on August 4, 2020 in Lebanon.

Egypt had earlier sent a plane packed with aid to Beirut, in less than a week and the President had himself offered a condolence visit to the Lebanese president to discuss efforts to reconstruct the country.

A third shipment loaded wirg medical and food supplies was also sent on Tuesday August 11, 2020.

Egypt’s ambassador to Lebanon, Yasser Elwi, said that Egypt’s aid includes medicines, medical supplies, specialized medical teams, food, and materials for the reconstruction effort.

“We are ready to stand by our brothers, the Lebanese people and have confidence in their ability to overcome this crisis and face the challenges posed by the port explosion,” he said.

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