Ukraine conflict: Journalist returns from Kyiv, documents war


A New York City-based journalist who just returned from Kyiv has documented the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Jessica Moore of CBS2 reported that this journalist had covered every imaginable scenario, except a war in her home country. That all changed when she flew to Kyiv and started documenting the Russian invasion.

Russian forces targeted a boarding school for blind children and bombed more hospitals across Ukraine as Russia’s brutal assault on civilians continues.

President Zelenskyy visited some of the victims of Russia’s latest attacks inside a hospital in Kyiv, where a young girl cried in disbelief as he handed her flowers.

Russian forces hit dense city centers, adding to the constantly rising number of Ukrainian casualties.

The State Department now confirms an American citizen was killed in a civilian attack on the city of Chernihiv.

Meanwhile, a line of cars stretched for miles outside Mariupol as desperate Ukrainians tried to escape, joining the 3.1 million who already have.

Ukrainian-born freelance journalist Oliya, known as “Scootercaster” online, found herself in a similar refugee caravan just a couple of weeks ago, documenting the harrowing journey to safety.

“People were terrified. They were confused,” Scootercaster said.

Oliya left her home in Queens and flew to her hometown of Kyiv just before the invasion.

“It’s the country that I’m from. It felt like, I have to be there, I should be there and I should report about it,” she said.

Her grandparents are still there, hiding inside a makeshift bomb shelter.

She spent weeks documenting the atrocities of war on the streets where she used to play and says she plans to return to Ukraine soon, despite the ever-increasing threat.

She also said nearly all of the refugees she interviewed are determined to return to Ukraine, no matter how long it takes.

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