About 30000 city doormen threaten to walk off the job


The city’s 30,000 doormen, supers, and handymen are threatening to walk off the job if the Realty Advisory Board doesn’t give them what they want.

New Yorkers living in some of the city’s most expensive buildings may soon have to open their own doors and fend for themselves, as doormen and other staffers could soon go on strike.

Currently, a doorman makes a base salary of roughly $55K, with an annual 3.32% raise.

Add to that fully paid family health coverage, 49 days of paid time off, pension, and a 401K, including additional educational opportunities.

However, now, the Realty Board wants the workers to contribute to their health coverage.

“They want to cut on every issue that affects our health care and we aren’t going to stand for it,” said Felix Figueroa, a doorman.

The RAB points out that only 5% of workers nationally have their health care paid in full.

In New York City, that status is reserved for first responders and teachers.

“Over the past two years, we have worked in partnership to protect workers and residents during the pandemic,” the Realty Board said in a statement.

“We are hopeful we can continue to show that our collaboration is the labor relations gold standard in New York and across the country.”

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