Students anticipate concerto at LaGuardia High School


LaGuardia High School students have shown serious anticipation for their annual concerto.

The vast majority of students were fully remote last year, including the concerto’s other soloist, sophomore Bobby Boogyeom Park.

“The first year, I didn’t – I said I was a student at LaGuardia, but I didn’t even know what the building looked like,” he said.

But now, he’ll perform here, playing solos from Franz Waxman’s Carmen Fantasie, backed by his peers.

The concerto is open to the public. The orchestra is ready for a crowd. And Jessica is ready for her second chance to shine.

“I definitely feel very grateful for the opportunity,” she said.

The concerto is free, and will be held Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the school’s concert hall.

Members of the general public can get free tickets at the box office in the school’s lobby, beginning an hour before the performance. Attendees must show proof of vaccination.

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