Supreme Islamic Council President refutes claims that Muslims attacked Christians


Sheikh Essa Darboe, President of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council, has vehemently refuted allegations that members of Gambia’s Muslim community have assaulted churches.

Sheikh Darboe made the remarks during his Friday sermon today in which he emphatically refuted social media reports that Gambian Muslims attacked Christians, describing the claims as grotesque and baseless.

SIC President added: “Members of the Muslim community approached the church to stop playing music until the end of Tarawih (nightly prayers), in observance of Ramadan, and the church leader agreed. Last Friday, they waited until worshippers started performing Tarawih prayers to play music. Three young men from the Muslim community came out appealing to them to stop playing music until the prayers were over, with one of them asking to meet the church leader. However, he was told the church leader was busy; hence couldn’t be seen. A skirmish broke out, leading one of them to take up an instrument and injure a Muslim community member. The suggestion that Muslims assaulted church worshippers is outrageous and untrue. It is an attempt to dent the image of Muslims in this country. ”

Sheikh Darboe went on to state that Muslims in the Gambia are committed to peaceful coexistence with Christians who had been welcomed in the country though the majority came from elsewhere. “There is no problem between Muslims and Christians. We received them and provided them with plots and agricultural land regardless of their religious affiliation. The enemies of religion seek to sow seeds of hatred among us so that the world argues that there is a problem between Muslims and Christians in The Gambia. Let everyone know that The Gambia’s Muslims are committed to their consistent position of peaceful coexistence with Christians, and Muslims will never change. We respect Christians and preserve their inviolability. You will never hear an Imam insult Christians, nor do Muslims assault them,” Sheikh Darboe elaborated.

In the same vein, SIC President urged social media platforms and other media outlets to fear God and not to incite sedition in the country in the name of Islam and refrain from misrepresenting facts as if Muslims were the aggressors.

Sheikh Essa Darboe concluded his sermon by praying to the Almighty Allah that peace and tranquillity prevail in the country.

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