Israeli raid claims lives of 2 Palestinians in occupied West Bank


Israeli military forces have taken the lives of two Palestinians during a raid carried out in the refugee camp located within the occupied West Bank city of Jericho. The distressing incident was confirmed by medical sources who provided details to Reuters news agency.

“According to the director of Jericho Hospital, “Two young men were rushed to the hospital with bullets in their chests.” The fatalities have been identified as 16-year-old Qusay al-Walaji and 25-year-old Mohammed Nujoom. Palestinian health authorities have indicated that the individuals were shot in the chest by Israeli forces while an assault on Jericho was underway at dawn. This marks the first fatal raid on Jericho in months”.

Local residents recounted armed confrontations between the Palestinian population and Israeli forces, though it remains unclear whether the deceased individuals were directly involved. The operation itself lasted for less than an hour, according to accounts from the area.

Tensions within the occupied West Bank have escalated in recent months, exacerbated by Israeli raids on refugee camps, violent attacks initiated by Jewish settlers on Palestinian villages, and retaliatory street assaults carried out by Palestinians against Israelis.

“The situation is grim, with French news agency AFP reporting that the casualties in Jericho raise the Palestinian death toll inflicted by Israeli forces to 216 this year alone. The conflict has not been one-sided, as the same report states that 28 Israelis, alongside one Ukrainian and one Italian, have lost their lives in the ongoing turmoil. These numbers have been compiled from official sources on both sides of the conflict”.

At the time of reporting, “the Israeli military has not provided a response to AFP’s inquiries about the tragic incident. The loss of life continues to mount on both sides, underscoring the pressing need for a resolution to this long-standing conflict”.

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