Saudi Arabia’s second phase of musical training program targets 8000kg teachers


Saudi Arabia has unveiled the launch of the second phase of its musical training program, designed specifically for kindergarten teachers. This innovative initiative is a joint effort between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, with a vision to infuse musical arts into the curriculum.

With a commitment to equipping educators with essential skills, the program is set to benefit a substantial count of 8000 kindergarten teachers, encompassing both public and private institutions. Spearheaded by specialists in kindergarten pedagogy and guided by the Music Commission, the training program’s objective is to cultivate a deep understanding of musical arts within these educators.

“Scheduled to span a comprehensive four-week duration, from September 3 to 28, the second phase aims to provide an intensive 49-hour training regimen. Interested Saudi kindergarten teachers, actively engaged in public or private preschools within the Kingdom, can now enroll in the program through the Rawdati (My Kindergarten) platform”.

“Upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a distinguished certificate jointly awarded by the Music Commission and the Institute for Education and Professional Development. This certificate stands as a testament to the educators’ commitment to advancing their expertise in delivering musical activities tailored for children”.

“The training program is meticulously designed to bolster teachers’ competencies, while also nurturing their cognitive and performance aptitudes pertinent to orchestrating musical experiences for young learners. The curriculum covers an array of topics, including sound characteristics, terminologies, and the nuances of fostering a child’s aesthetic sensibilities”.

“This endeavor marks a logical progression following the triumph of the program’s first phase, which unfolded during May”.

“Notably, over 7000 kindergarten teachers hailing from both public and private institutions participated in the initial stage, showcasing the program’s resonance within the education community. With the second phase poised to expand these horizons even further, Saudi Arabia strides forward in its mission to enrich early education through the power of music”.

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