Saudi Cabinet reviews progress on Iran diplomatic relations, approves multiple agreements


The Saudi Cabinet, presided over by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman at Al-Salam Palace, convened to assess the advancements made in the implementation of the accord aimed at reestablishing diplomatic ties with Iran.

The agreement envisions the reinstatement of ambassadors from both nations to fulfill their diplomatic responsibilities, with an emphasis on fostering a relationship founded upon shared interests and mutual respect.

During the session, the Cabinet received a briefing on a recent phone conversation between Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The conversation delved into cooperation strategies and exchanged perspectives on unfolding developments within the regional and international spheres.

Minister of Media Salman Bin Yousef Al-Dosari, in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), highlighted the Cabinet’s comprehensive review of recent national initiatives, particularly those concerning collaboration with global partners and multilateral coordination through bodies such as the UN, Islamic and Arab organizations, and G20.

The Cabinet granted authorization to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the signing of a headquarters agreement with the Gulf Health Council. Further authorizations included the Minister of Islamic Affairs initiating discussions on an Islamic affairs memorandum of understanding with the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan.

In a move to enhance bilateral relations, the Cabinet greenlit a memorandum of understanding focusing on water resources and irrigation cooperation between the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. Additionally, the mayor of Riyadh Municipality received authorization to engage in talks with the Seoul Metropolitan Government regarding a prospective memorandum of understanding concerning city management and operation.

Tourism-related initiatives were also on the agenda, as the Minister of Tourism was granted the mandate to negotiate with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in China for a memorandum of understanding aimed at facilitating travel for Chinese tourists to the Kingdom.

“Economic collaboration took center stage, with the Minister of Economy and Planning empowered to commence discussions with the Swiss authorities for a memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation between the Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning and the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research of the Swiss Confederation”.

“Recognizing the importance of academic partnerships, the Cabinet authorized the president of the University of Tabuk to engage in dialogue with the King Salman International University (KSIU) in Egypt, focusing on a draft memorandum of understanding concerning research, academic engagement, and training”.

“Legal and judicial cooperation also featured prominently as the Attorney General was entrusted to negotiate a memorandum of understanding in the realm of judicial and legal collaboration with the Omani counterpart”.

“Archiving of historical records was not overlooked, as the Cabinet authorized the National Center for Archives and Records to engage in discussions with the Royal Hashemite Documentation Center in Jordan about a draft memorandum of understanding in the field of document preservation”.

“Addressing social matters, the Cabinet approved a by-law outlining the rights of individuals with disabilities and established organizational arrangements for the Investment Council”.

“In an effort to alleviate the burden on individuals who lose their vehicles, the Cabinet declared that the state will assume the fees and fines incurred on such vehicles until they are recovered. This decision comes into effect from the moment the loss is reported. If a vehicle is stolen, or if fraudulent ownership claims arise, the fees and fines will be transferred to the responsible parties”.

“Moreover, the Cabinet introduced amendments to the Roads and Buildings By-law, specifically modifying Paragraph E of the first item of Cabinet Decision No. 1270 of Thul Qadah 12, 1392 Hijri, pertaining to the implementation of articles 21 and 23”.

“The Cabinet proceeded to renew the memberships of the board of directors of Saudia Airline and revised Article 28 of the Army Personnel Service By-law, as well as Paragraph A of Item 12 in the Implementing Regulations of the Army Personnel Service By-law, related to relocation allowances”.

“To conclude, the Cabinet granted approval for the final financial statements of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Education and Training Evaluation Commission, and Shaqra University for the two preceding fiscal years”.

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