Tragic crash claims lives of UAE resident members of Jordanian family returning from Umrah


A Jordanian family comprised of UAE residents faced a fatal accident on Monday along the Makkah-Riyadh Expressway in Saudi Arabia. As reported by AlArabiya news, the family had been on their way back to the UAE after completing their pilgrimage of Umrah in Makkah

“The victims of this dreadful mishap were identified as Malik Khormah and his four children – Akram, Maya, Dana, and Deema. Sadly, they lost their lives on the scene of the accident. Malik’s wife, Muna Khormah, suffered multiple injuries but managed to survive”.

“Muna was promptly transported to King Faisal Hospital in Hofouf, where medical sources indicated her condition to be stable despite the severity of her injuries”.

“An official from Jordan shared with Al Arabiya English that several compassionate passers-by halted their vehicles at the accident site in a bid to rescue the occupants of the ill-fated vehicle. These Good Samaritans also called emergency services for assistance”.

“In accordance with reports from Al-Madina newspaper, numerous Saudi citizens and residents remained at the hospital to provide solace to the grieving mother and monitor her wellbeing”.

“An authoritative figure mentioned that the Jordanian embassy had initiated contact with relevant authorities in both Jordan and Saudi Arabia to expedite the repatriation of the deceased bodies”.

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