Iraqi special forces secure first place in mountaineering contest held in Iran


The Iraqi Special Forces have emerged victorious, clinching the top spot in a rigorous mountaineering championship that unfolded in Iran. This remarkable achievement was attained amidst fierce competition, with elite teams from 15 nations vying for supremacy in the climbing event.

“The stage was set on the breathtaking expanse of Mount Damavand, a towering peak situated in the Iranian province of Mazandaran, which graces the southern fringes of the Caspian Sea. As reported by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the event showcased the unwavering determination and skill of the Iraqi Special Forces and their peers”.

“Reaching towering altitudes that range between 18,400 feet (5,610 meters) and 18,600 feet (5,670 meters), Mount Damavand asserts itself as the loftiest crest in not only Iran but also the entire Middle East. The mountain’s majestic presence draws thousands of fervent hiking enthusiasts, both from Iran and abroad. A hub of adventure, the mountain beckons individuals yearning to partake in diverse activities, including mountain trekking, ski touring, and even exhilarating air sports like paragliding”.

“Throughout the climbing season, a throng of approximately 3,000 climbers assembles with the shared aspiration of conquering the summit each weekend. However, this lofty goal proves elusive for many, with numerous aspirants encountering formidable challenges. While some unseasoned climbers sustain injuries, others grapple with altitude sickness or tragically meet their demise in the unforgiving depths of the valleys below”.

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