Archaeological revelations unveiled at Al-‘Abla site by Saudi Heritage Commission


The Saudi Heritage Commission has brought to light the latest archaeological breakthroughs at the Al-’Abla archaeological site situated within the Asir region. This site holds immense historical value as one of the foremost ancient mining sites in the southern realm of the Kingdom.

The unveiling of these remarkable findings occurred during the seventh phase of the scientific expedition for the ongoing archaeological excavation initiative. Building upon the knowledge gleaned from the previous six seasons, these discoveries shed light on the pivotal role of the Bisha Governorate’s Al-’Abla site within the Asir region..

Among the notable finds at the Al-’Abla archaeological site, one can discern various architectural components encompassing both residential and industrial units. Of particular note are walls and floors distinguished by their gypsum coatings, adding to the site’s intrigue.

As part of the exploration, the scientific team uncovered an ingenious water reservoir positioned beneath certain architectural structures. This reservoir served as a means of collecting rainwater, a technique that ingeniously harnessed the properties of gypsum-lined channels and pottery conduits to funnel water into storage areas beneath the living spaces.

Additionally, researchers came across oval-shaped water basins featuring an insulating material lining the interiors, designed to preserve and utilize water. Further enhancing the revelations were the presence of pottery stoves and an abundance of stone tools, such as hammerstones, grinders, and a variety of querns in different shapes and sizes.

Notably, shards of pottery including vessel fragments, rims, and handles crafted from pottery and steatite were amongst the uncovered artifacts. Moreover, the site yielded a treasure trove of significant items, including glass vials, metallic fragments, sections of oxidized bronze vessels, intricate rings, ivory beads, and even precious gemstones.

The unveiling of these extraordinary artifacts at Al-’Abla signifies a vital contribution to our understanding of the past, further emphasizing the historical significance of the region and its integral role in the Kingdom’s heritage.

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