Iraq, Turkey deliberate on boosting trade relations


Top officials from Iraq and Turkey engaged in discussions aimed at bolstering their trade ties. The Minister of Planning for Iraq, Muhammad Ali Tamim, held talks with Turkey’s Minister of Trade, Omer Polat, on Tuesday, focusing on escalating the volume of trade exchange between the two nations.

Accompanying Polat were Turkish officials and business leaders, as revealed by a statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning.

The deliberations centered on various aspects of enhancing bilateral relations in economic, investment, and trade sectors. Both ministers underscored their commitment to deepening collaborative efforts, fostering an improved investment environment within Iraq, and augmenting the trade exchange between the two countries.

In a related development, the Iraqi Ministry of Trade announced a mutual agreement with its Turkish counterpart to activate joint committees and previously established agreements. The objective is to surmount hindrances, amplify trade volume, and advance joint investments. A detailed exchange took place on Tuesday, involving key Iraqi and Turkish officials including Polat and Iraq’s Minister of Trade, Atheer Al-Ghurairy.

Al-Ghurairy emphasized the significance of Turkish companies’ participation in investment endeavors, particularly in the industrial and other crucial sectors of the Iraqi market. Such involvement is envisioned to foster closer relations and elevate trade volume, aligning with the government’s strategic direction.

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