Iraqi Prime Minister urges Europe, US to boost investments, aims for energy self-sufficiency


Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, is set to take center stage at the 78th United Nations General Assembly this week with a compelling agenda: to secure increased investment from Europe and the United States while strengthening ties with Arab nations.

This ambitious move is aimed at bolstering Iraq’s natural gas production infrastructure, a critical step towards reducing its dependence on Iranian energy sources, which currently supply approximately 35 to 40 percent of the nation’s energy needs, as reported by The New York Times.

Al-Sudani’s primary mission is to project Iraq as a reliable partner in the region while addressing long-standing issues of political instability and corruption. In his bid to transform Iraq into a dependable player on the global stage, the Prime Minister acknowledges the urgency of addressing the country’s energy crisis. He stressed that Iraq cannot indefinitely rely on imported gas and is determined to make the nation more self-sufficient in the energy sector.

Moreover, Al-Sudani is acutely aware of the frustrations among Iraqi youth regarding government job opportunities. As part of his comprehensive strategy, he intends to tackle this issue head-on, recognizing the need to provide meaningful employment prospects for the nation’s youth.

The world watches as Prime Minister Al-Sudani seeks to usher Iraq into a new era of self-sufficiency, stability, and international collaboration, aiming to build a brighter future for his nation and its people.

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