Iraqi Prime Minister, US Treasury under Secretary discuss financial reform at UN assembly


Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and US Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson engaged in a critical discussion centered on Iraq’s financial reform efforts and its ambitions for economic diversification.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Al-Sudani underscored the significant strides achieved by the Central Bank of Iraq in implementing comprehensive financial reforms. He credited these reforms as instrumental in Iraq’s successful transition from an economy heavily reliant on oil income to a more diverse and productive economic landscape.

One of the primary objectives of the talks was to strengthen Iraq’s financial system against various illicit activities, including fraud, sanctions evasion, terrorist funding, and other unlawful practices. The U.S. Treasury has been working closely with Iraq in this endeavor, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in combating financial crimes.

Under Secretary Nelson commended Iraq for its unwavering commitment to financial reform and acknowledged the substantial progress made on this front. The meeting reflects the continued collaboration between the two nations in pursuit of a more resilient and diversified Iraqi economy.

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