Lucid Group inaugurates Saudi Arabia’s first car manufacturing facility


In a groundbreaking development for the global automotive industry, Lucid Group marked a historic moment by officially opening Saudi Arabia’s inaugural car manufacturing facility on Wednesday.

This milestone event signifies the inauguration of Lucid’s second Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-2) and its first-ever international production site. This facility is poised to manufacture cutting-edge electric vehicles not only for the Saudi market but also for the global stage.

Peter Rawlinson, the CEO and CTO of Lucid, proudly disclosed the facility’s early production status, stating, “The production here has already commenced. Now we have a total installation capacity, with the ability to produce up to 5,000 units a year, all within our AMP 2 factory,” as reported by Saudi Gazette.

Yet, Rawlinson unveiled even grander plans for the near future, declaring, “But the truly exciting phase is coming in just over three years from now when we construct a significantly larger building adjacent to this facility.”

This expansion project is projected to boast a staggering capacity of “30 times that, totaling 150,000 units per year,” coinciding with the launch of Lucid’s midsize platform, aimed at offering more affordable electric vehicles to a broader audience.

Rawlinson also emphasized Lucid’s commitment to sourcing a larger portion of its materials locally, stating, “We hope to be able to obtain a significantly higher proportion of materials from the Kingdom in the future.”

Currently, the factory assembles kits imported from Lucid’s primary manufacturing plants in Arizona. Rawlinson further announced that “Customers are taking delivery of their Saudi-assembled Lucid vehicles as we speak,” signifying a significant leap forward in the company’s global reach.

He added, “We are thrilled to create history today in Saudi Arabia with the inauguration of the country’s first car manufacturing facility, where we will produce our award-winning electric vehicles and support the nation’s vision for a more sustainable and diversified economy.”

Rawlinson underscored the alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, emphasizing the facility’s pivotal role in advancing the country’s electric automotive industry, expanding the supply chain, and nurturing local talent development in the technology sector.

The AMP-2 facility has commenced semi knocked-down (SKD) assembly, reassembling Lucid Air vehicle ‘kits’ that were pre-manufactured at the company’s US AMP-1 Manufacturing Facility in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Lucid’s vision is to transition AMP-2 to complete build unit (CBU) production after the middle of the decade.

Minister of Investment Khalid Al-Falih expressed that this is no ordinary factory, stating, “It is a statement, a statement highlighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ambitions, capabilities, and our resolute dedication to a future that is environmentally friendly, exciting, and innovative.”

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