Outrage erupts in India as raped girl seeks help on streets


In a disturbing incident that has ignited widespread outrage, a harrowing video has emerged showing a young girl desperately seeking assistance on the streets of Ujjain city in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, following a reported rape.

The heart-wrenching CCTV footage captured the girl approaching a man who appears to dismiss her pleas for help, adding fuel to the fury that has swept across the nation. However, local authorities have revealed that despite this distressing ordeal, the girl did receive aid from some individuals.

A senior police official disclosed that a medical examination has confirmed the girl’s rape, and an investigation is underway. “Five individuals who encountered the girl are currently under scrutiny,” stated Ujjain police superintendent Sachin Sharma, emphasizing that the traumatized victim was initially unable to provide any details about her situation.

As of now, the girl’s age remains unconfirmed by the police.

The alarming CCTV footage, which surfaced online, prompted swift condemnation from politicians and a storm of outrage on social media. The video portrays the girl, visibly injured and bleeding, walking along a road on Monday, with one instance capturing her futile attempt to seek help from a passerby.

Authorities are diligently reviewing additional CCTV footage from the vicinity to retrace the girl’s path before she finally received assistance.

It has been disclosed that the girl was reported missing from Satna city, a distance of over 700 kilometers (approximately 435 miles) from the location where she was ultimately discovered, on the previous Sunday.

Rahul Sharma, described as a Hindu priest in media reports, was one of the individuals who came to the girl’s aid. He recounted finding her in a dire state, stating, “She could not speak.

Her eyes were swollen.” Despite his efforts to communicate with her, she remained unresponsive, unable to articulate her suffering. He offered her clothing and promptly contacted the police, who transported her to a hospital.

In a statement released on Wednesday night, the police confirmed that the girl’s injuries had been treated, and she had undergone surgery, though specific details were not provided. The BBC has sought to reach out to Ujjain police for further comment.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Misra assured the public that the girl’s condition is now stable.

The incident has prompted sharp criticism from opposition leaders in the state, who have also raised concerns about women’s safety. State BJP chief VD Sharma has vowed that the police will take “strict action,” ensuring that the perpetrators face justice.

Priyank Kanoongo, chairperson of the National Commission for Protection Of Child Rights, has engaged local authorities in Madhya Pradesh to gain further insights into the incident.

Prominent activist Yogita Bhayana, known for her advocacy on behalf of rape survivors, is tirelessly working to locate the girl’s family and offer them much-needed support during this distressing time.

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