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Nestle pulls KitKat, Nesquik out of Russia

Nestle will stop making brands including KitKat and Nesquik in Russia, the world's largest food company said Wednesday amid public pressure to halt all business in the country as Russian forces continue to bombard cities in Ukraine. "As…

Russia declares partial ceasefire in Ukraine

Russia’s Defence Ministry has announced a partial ceasefire to allow residents of two besieged cities including the strategic port town of Mariupol to open humanitarian corridors for civilians. “Today, on 5 March at 10:00am Moscow time,…

Worries mount over Putin’s firmness, mindset

The White House and other observers are increasingly sounding the alarm about the mindset of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who seems poised to escalate his country’s war with Ukraine.Experts, analysts, lawmakers and even administration

Russians on streets to protest invasion of Ukraine

From Moscow to Siberia, Russian anti-war activists took to the streets again on Sunday February 27, 2022, to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite the arrests of hundreds of protesters each day by police. Demonstrators were seen…

Russia uses TikTok to spread propaganda

The Russian TikTok video has it all: a cat, puppies and a pulsing background beat. It's cute, watchable and hardly seems the stuff of state propaganda.The video featured is from a previous report.In 2014, Russia flooded the internet with