Farmers in Zimbabwe threaten to demonstrate

By Godfrey Olukya   1-10-2012

Vegetable and fruits farmers in Zimbabwe have threatened to demonstrate if  markets’ authorities in the country do not allocate them sufficient time to sell their produce.

The farmers say that management  of Mbare Musika market in the capital Harare and other markets only allow them to  sell their crops between 6am and 12 noon which is not enough.

‘We can not sell all our produce in such a short time’ said one of the farmers Venus Mbweni. ‘We need more time so that we sell all our produce. Some of us come from far and can not wait until the next day to sell off the remaining produce.’ she added.

She said that apart from making them leave the market early, they also pay an equivalent of 10 US dollars per day as market due which  is extraordinary high.

‘If they do not respond to our request we will definitely go on strike ‘ said another farmer Filimoni Mpenga.

Mpenga said that  whether they  have completed selling their produce or not they have to leave at midday yet  transporters were charging US$2 for every kilometer, which made it very difficult to remain in business.

‘There is need to extend the trading period to cover the whole day before we strike .’ said Mpenga.


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