Police arrests Uganda’s opposition leader


By Godfrey Olukya 1-10-2012

The leader of the main opposition party in Uganda,FDC, Doctor Kizza Besigye has been arrested by police in the country’s capital Kampala.

Besigye was arrested towards mid-day in downtown Kampala as he attempted to address his supporters near Kiseka market.

He was whisked to Kampala central police station in a police vehicle under heavy escort where he is being held.

Kampala police chief Adrew Kawesa said that police had warned members of the opposition against holding rallies before the national
Independence celebrations which are to take place on October 9th 2012.

‘We can not entertain illegal rallies.We have advised then not to hold any rally until after Octboer 9th.’ Kawesa said.’Whoever will try to
address a rally will be arrested.’ he added.

Also arrested was the mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago and some councilors who were also preparing to hold rallies in the city.

In their efforts to show that although Uganda is celebrating 50 years of Independence but has not achieved much, the opposition members
hatched a plan to hold rallies at which they are to tell Ugandans that the current government has done nothing for the country. They
reportedly want to tell the people how very corrupt and selfish the government leaders are.

Police had early in the morning deployed heavily at Besigye’s home in the outskirts of the Kampala, to block him from traveling to the city to hold his planned rally but he somehow managed to elude the security officials .

FDC spokesman, Wafula Ogutu has condemned the government for arresting Besigye saying that president Museveni boasts that he brought
democracy to the country, but can not allow members of the opposition to express themselves in the public.


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