Indomie celebrates children’s day in grand style


The Noodle Company, Indomie has grown to be a family name among kids, especially between ages 3 and 9. This year, the company reveals plans to celebrate children day with about 100, 000 school children across Nigeria.

In a statement from the Group Public Relation, Mr. Tope Ashiwaju, he noted that their choice of organizing such a massive celebration with the children is to accommodate as many young children as possible with special interest for under-privilege children.

He disclosed the Group’s wish to reach out to these children in a way of giving them a sense of belonging. “One of the reasons for this fun-filled event is because some of these kids may not have the privilege to go to such places to celebrate Children’s Day as some of their parents may not have the time or resources to do so, so the brand is filling the gap and providing such ambience for the kids to have fun.

Mr. Tope Ashiwaju made it know that the motivation behind the act is earning smile from the children’s appreciation. “In spite of the monetary cost, the joy on the faces of the hosted children as they bond with each other is what is paramount to Indomie. A platform to bring kids together is what Indomie brand loves to do,” he said.


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