“Muslim Canadians make Canada a strong, open and inclusive place it is today…” – says Canadian Prime Minister


As the 8th month of the Islamic Hijra Calendar ended on the 26th of May, Muslims all over the world celebrate the commencement of the holy month. For most faithful, Ramadan is a time to increase in worship and a wonderful time earn extra rewards for spiritual up keep.

While congratulating the Canadian Muslims and Muslim across the world, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau said is a month of humanitarian service. He said it is month of blessings when people are reminded to give back to their community.

“Ramadan reminds us to appreciate our many blessings, give back to our community, and put the needs of others for our own,” said Trudeau.

“As we mark the 158 anniversary, let’s celebrate the many traditions, cultures and beliefs,” he added, “Muslim Canadians make enormous contributions to our country and help make Canada a strong, open and inclusive place it is today.”

In a brief interview with Zubair Jafar, an undergraduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso in Oyo state, Nigeria, he described the month of Ramadan as a month characterized with uncommon tranquility. He said, “Ramadan presents the world a level ground with a peaceful atmosphere –a time to connect with the Creator of the Universe and a time to engage in more rewarding activities”.

On what he looks forward to achieve during the month, he identified planning out for his life to next Ramadan and engaging in virtues.

“The month of Ramadan (for me) has always been that time of the year to plan out my life completely before another Ramadan. I try as much as possible to cut down on other duties that can wait. So, I can indulge in greater virtues like reading the Quran, extending righteousness to people among others. I look forward to a blissful Ramadan.”

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