Iran complying with nuclear deal, UN confirms


Syeda Faiza Bukhari (Correspondent)


UN recently has confirmed that Iran is complying with nuclear deal.

Iran has been striking nuclear deal with the major countries of the world since 2015, despite the rise in the tension caused by Donald Trump as he vowed to “dismantle” the “disastrous” deal. He in fact called for Iran to be isolated and throwing his weight behind Tehran arch rival Saudi Arabia.

International Atomic Agency report has shown that Iran has reduced its nuclear activities to create peace in the area, also making any push to atomic bomb which is much harder than before the agreement.

According to CNN, Iran has agreed to transform its deeply buried plant in Fordo into a center for science research. Another uranium plant Nantanz research is to be cut rather than shut down. Iran constructed a nuclear reactor at Arak that would have used natural uranium to produce Pu-239, which can fuel can fuel bombs. The breakout time for Iran to build a bomb is extended from 3 months to 1 year. There is also an 8 year ballistic missiles ban and 5 years arm ban.

Iran stock’s heavy water used for the reactant coolant, was 128.2 tons. The agreement was signed between United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany was agreed in Vienna in July 2015, after years of negotiations.

In return, UN western sanctions related to the nuclear standoff were lifted, in particular on Tehran’s oil exports and unlocking billions of dollars in funds frozen overseas.

However, other sanctions have been related to human rights and Iran’s missile related to human rights and missile activities. This added Trump’s frustration. On Thursday, he withdrawal from the Paris-Climate Agreement,  waiver of the main nuclear deal.

Iran is able to lift number of economic sanctions placed in their government, and get a pile of money held in UK banks when they assert were frozen. Most importantly, they were able to start selling more oil to the international market, and Iran needs money to keep its young population happy

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