Nigeria unveils a new political party in preparation for 2019 general elections


The only thing that sells in Nigeria seem to be clear cut promises from public office seeking men. This is perhaps the reason why the unveiling of a new political party in Abuja, was not complete until a session for rolling out of promises to Nigerians was fulfilled.

On Monday, 5th of June, Nigeria welcomed the emergence of a new political party, Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance -APDA. The party, during the event disclosed plans to get registered with INEC so as to be accorded full respect as a party with name and logo on the Ballot. It should be recalled that 40 out of 60 parties applying to be registered are already duly registered with the Electoral Commission. One wonders what use these numerous parties will become.

There have been arguments for and against the upsurge of new political parties from time to time. Those who spoke in favor, took a stand defining it as a form of demonstrating freedom of choice and identity. For them, it is not about creating a thousand and one party, the goal is to always stand with one’s conscience without compromise.

As for those who spoke against it, they see it as abuse of integrity,  saying a party should be a binding ideological group that remains binding regardless of whatever happens to the members of such group. For this people, they want to see a party divided by ambition but united in creed.

It is reported that the African Independent Television (AIT) Boss was spotted at the scene of the unveiling.  No one can tell however whether he was there for or against the development. Speaking at the event, the interim National Chairman of the APDA, Shitu Mohammed Kabiru made it known that strong personalities have shown interest in joining the party.

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