President Trump hosts picnic, calls for lasting unity between Democrats and Republicans


After emerging as president of America, Donald Trump has just hosted his first ever full blown picnic. The President, while addressing the crowd, discloses that America will be greater if hates and critics are shun while unity is embraced. Trump looked forward to an improved situation later in future.

“It’s our hope that the unity that was displayed that evening can maybe continue to grow and thrive between Republicans and Democrats. I think we’d all be doing a lot better and I know the country would be doing a lot better.

“Tonight, let us enjoy the comfort of our loved ones and tomorrow let us continue to do the people’s bidding and create the optimistic future our citizens so richly deserve.”

Meanwhile, also in the news, this time, Dr Julie Hall, Chief of Staff and Special Advisor on Health at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), has identified why the efforts of IFRC cannot be dodged unrecognised. He stated that the success behind the SDB programme has major of its inputs from the foundation. He called for the support of other stakeholders in order to fight the precarious nature of global health threat.

“The success of the SDB programme can be largely attributed to the Red Cross teams who were there before, during and after the outbreak. It was they who provided the basis for a response to the crisis that was both acceptable to local communities, and sustainable.”

“The 2017 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo reminds us of how precarious global health is. International partners need to better harness and invest in local capacities, building on homegrown knowledge and skills, that will help communities respond, protect themselves and put an end to future health crises.

“The price tag on this investment is far less than the alternative: outbreaks that are deadlier and more expensive.”

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