Russia sends fighters to General Khalifa Haftar


Russia has sent at least 8 fighters to the militia of the revolutionary General Khalifa Haftar.

This was disclosed by Libyan Minister of the Interior, Fathi Pashaga, on Thursday May 21, 2020.

Pashaga said in a statement that the Russian planes were sent from the Hmeimim base in Syria and belonged to the Soviet era.

He explained that the fighters, including 6 “Mig-29” and 2 “Su-24”, had reached the Haftar militia, in eastern Libya.

However, no reaction has been issued by the Russian, regarding the statement from the minister.

According to the Bloomberg report, the Haftar militia claimed that it would launch “the largest air operation in Libyan history against Turkish targets.”

The Libyan army announced the destruction of 6 Russian-made “Panzor” air defense systems, on Wednesday.

Hifter militia continues to suffer heavy losses as a result of harsh strikes in all cities of the western coast to the border with Tunisia, the strategic Al-Wattia base, and the cities of Badr and Tiji (northwest).

The liberation of al-Wattayah base, Monday, is the second fall of a major operation room of the Haftar militia in the same area, after the fall of the city of Gharyan in June.

Since April 4, 2019, the Haftar militia has launched a deadly attack to take control of Tripoli, the seat of government, targeting residential neighborhoods and civilian sites, killing and injuring civilians, as well as extensive material damage

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