China condemns U.S interference in Hong Kong security law


China has condemned the order issued by the United States President, Donald Trump, to end the security law China recently imposed on Hong Kong.

While condemning Trump’s order on Thursday July 16, 2020, a Beijing Liaison Officer said the order was gangster logic and that it would only damage U.S interest.

“Unreasonable meddling and shameless threats by the United States are typical gangster logic and bullying behavior,” said the officer in a statement.

The security law imposed on Hong Kong by China would punish subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with life in prison.

Critics expressed concern over the security law as they believe the law would undermine Hong Kong’s freedoms it has enjoyed since 1997 when it returned as a territory to China.

Contrarily, supporters of the law were of a belief that it would end anti-government violence and bring about stability.

In what was seen as a vote against the security law, this week in an unofficial primary election in Hong Kong, a younger Hong Kong Democrat secured the highest vote, organized by the pro-democracy camp to choose a potential candidate for the forthcoming September 6 election into the legislative council of seventy seats.

However, China gave a warning that the election was a violation of the new security law.

Following the accusation from China, Au Nok-hin a former Hong Kong lawmaker disclosed he was pulling out of the election campaign as an organizer.

Similarly on Thursday 16th July 16, 2020, Democratic Party’s Andrew Chiu, also announced his pulling out of the Legislative Council election campaign as a coordinator.

While announcing his decision, Chiu, in a Facebook post wrote, “After carefully considering different views … I would like to withdraw from the coordination work.”

Protesters against the new security law have been met with crackdown from China’s government as hundreds of protesters have been arrested by the police.

As of Thursday, one 17-year old and another 19-year-old man were arrested for what china under the new law called unlawful assembly.

In connection with the arrest of the 19-year-old man , seven other people were arrested for helping the man who was accused of stabbing a police officer while arresting the 17-year-old boy.

As a reaction to President’s Trump executive order that ends preferential treatment to Hong Kong, China government has promised to take a retaliatory action.

While disclosing this, the government said in a statement, “It is hypocritical for the U.S. to introduce measures to attack China by creating issues in (Hong Kong) under the pretext of human rights, democracy and autonomy out of its own political considerations.”

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