Saudi frowns at French cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, condemns boycott of products


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has condemned the French cartoons abusing Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) but has not supported the campaign to boycott French products.

Saudi officials made this clear in a statement on 28th October, 2020.

The Kingdom stated that it condemns all acts of terrorism, referring, to the beheading of French teacher who displayed insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to his students.

The statement reads: “Freedom of expression and culture should be a beacon of respect, tolerance and peace that rejects practices and acts which generate hatred, violence and extremism and are contrary to coexistence.”

The cartoons have since been displaced on government buildings in apparent solidarity with the teacher.

This has led to a global call for Muslims to boycott French companies and products.

No Arab states have backed the boycott; however many goods have been removed from the shelves of supermarkets in Qatar and Kuwait.

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