Saudi donates $3M to support Global Partnership for Education Strategy 2025


Crown Prince Mohammed has announced Saudi Arabia’s donation of $3 million to support the Global Partnership for Education Strategy 2025.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, stressed on Thursday the importance of joint efforts in supporting international initiatives and programs that would enhance education economics and programs in beneficiary countries.

This support would provide high-quality educational services for those who need them most, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions, which have posed a major challenge to many education systems around the world.

The remarks were made in a speech delivered on behalf of the Crown Prince by Saudi Minister of Education Dr. Hamad bin Mohammad Al-Sheikh at the Global Partnership for Education Summit (GPE).

The event was held under the slogan “Financing Partnership for Education 2021-2025” and organized in the United Kingdom.

Al Al-Sheikh said, “I am pleased to extend my thanks to the Global Partnership for Education and its Chairman Julia Gillard, and all partners in this leading global organization for their great efforts to provide high-quality education to all children around the world.”

He highlighted “their relentless endeavors to improve access to equitable and inclusive education and bridge the educational and digital gaps and address all forms of inequality, especially in low-income countries, in line with the fourth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.”

The agenda seeks “ensuring quality, equitable and inclusive education for all, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities.”

“Because this noble goal can only be achieved through international cooperation and joint action, and through assisting countries with limited resources, it is necessary to unite our efforts in supporting international initiatives and programs that would enhance education economics and support educational programs in the beneficiary countries to be able to provide high-quality education,” he continued.

Al Al-Sheikh went on to say that Saudi Arabia has always attached great importance to education at the local, regional and international levels. This is evidenced by the inclusion of education as one of the main files on the agenda of the Kingdom’s presidency of the G20 2020. Education is a major element of the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is the largest supporter of regional financial institutions such as the Islamic Development Bank, OPEC Fund (OFID), and the Arab Bank for Development in Africa, which provide support to many countries worldwide by financing projects and initiatives in various vital sectors, especially education.

“Proceeding with the Kingdom’s leading role in this regard, I am pleased to announce, on behalf of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that Saudi Arabia will donate $3 million dollars to support the Global Partnership Strategy for Education 2025,” he added.

“The Kingdom will always remain at the forefront of the countries contributing to all that would achieve development, prosperity, and peace for the communities of the world as a whole,” he declared.

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