Saudi Arabia executes two nationals for sexual assault, murder offenses



Saudi Arabia has executed two nationals for sexual assault and murder offenses, the interior ministry said on Saturday.

Omar bin Abdullah bin Obeidallah al-Barakati was convicted of luring and kidnapping minor boys and of sexually assaulting them and harming them, according to the ministry.

The Criminal Court sentenced him to death, and the verdict was approved by the Appeal Court and Supreme Court, the ministry said, adding that a royal order was issued to implement the verdict accordingly.

Al-Barakati was executed on Saturday in Jeddah.

The Kingdom also executed another national in Jeddah after he was convicted of several crimes including murder.

Mohammed bin Abdelrazaq bin Saad Faydi was convicted of the premediated murder of a security officer while he was on duty and of opening fire on security patrols, according to the interior ministry.

Faydi was also found guilty of intentionally setting an oil facility on fire and buying and possessing weapons for the purpose of “carrying out attacks and tampering with security.”

“[Faydi] adopted a takfirist mentality in support of terror attacks,” the ministry said.

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