Saudi Arabia grants first license for LPG cylinder vending machines


The Saudi Ministry of Energy has officially granted the inaugural license within the country to operate vending machines catering liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), commonly used as cooking gas. This revolutionary step is expected to transform how LPG is distributed and accessed in the Kingdom.

These innovative vending machines will be strategically stationed at gas stations and prominent retail markets across the nation. Offering round-the-clock service, these machines will enable consumers to engage in various LPG-related transactions seamlessly. This includes the purchase of new gas cylinders, the hassle-free exchange of empty cylinders for filled ones, and even the acquisition of cylinder accessories, such as regulators and other essentials.

“An ingenious feature of these vending machines is their integration with smartphone applications, which aims to enhance user convenience significantly. By embracing digital solutions, the Saudi Ministry of Energy aims to facilitate smoother and more user-friendly interactions, aligning with their commitment to modernize the distribution of dry gas and LPG for both residential and commercial purposes”.

“The decision to introduce smart pick-up stations for gas cylinders is not only a leap forward in improving services but also a pivotal step toward fostering competition and dismantling the prevailing monopoly within the LPG sales sector. This landmark development coincides with the Ministry’s concerted efforts to stimulate investments in LPG sales operations, thereby injecting vitality into the sector”.

“The Ministry of Energy has already commenced the process of evaluating applications from companies interested in investing across various facets of LPG distribution. These range from transporting LPG from its sources to storage and filling facilities to establishing and operating filling stations, storage depots, and overseeing wholesale LPG distribution”.

“This strategic initiative is designed to bolster the Ministry of Energy’s pivotal role in propelling growth and economic advancement within the Kingdom. In alignment with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 goals, this move underpins the country’s drive to create a diverse and thriving economy that resonates with the changing dynamics of the modern world”.

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