Saudi investigation team arrests 5- gang criminal over Riyadh ATM raid


A Saudi team of specialized investigators has arrested a criminal gang of five involved in an Automated Teller Machine raid in Riyadh.

The criminal gang who raided a Arab National bank at Al-Jazirah district south of Riyadh casted away an estimate of $373, 333 (SR 1.4 million) in cash.

Riyadh police spokesperson, Col. Shaker bin Suleiman Al-Tuwajiri said, “Six other men fled Saudi Arabia after the robbery on February 15, smuggling SR 500,000 of stolen money out of the country.”

He added that, “A Saudi team specializing in criminal investigation identified 11 men involved in the bank raid.”

The alleged criminals were arrested with tools, SR 700,000 cash and a vehicle employed during the theft.

“Authorities are working to bring back the six men who fled he kingdom and recover the remaining money.” Al- Tuwajiri

The 11 men gang was four Egyptians, a Bulgarian and 2 Russian along with two Saudis and one Yemeni.

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